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Philosophy & Approach

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We ARE  the high-end training gym that’s here to upgrade your life.  We’re here to help you look better, move better, feel better, and play better….. and to sustain all of those for a LONG time. Individual health and performance game plans are designed by focusing on our four pillars of Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, and Recovery.


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Mindset is about achieving a state of mind that allows you to perform at your best. We deliver simple strategies that help upgrade your everyday behaviors and improve your health – one step, one meal, one workout, and one day at a time.


Food is fuel for the body and brain. Fueling cuts through the latest diet marketing hype. It’s about consuming what fuels the body best.  The balanced consumption of sustainable nutrients that is enjoyable and personalized to fuel the brain and body for optimal performance and drive desired outcomes.


Both incidental and structured movement with a balanced blend of mobility, stability, strength, power and conditioning – essential to sustaining proper positions through clean movement patterns with appropriate levels of power.


The mind and body repair, recharge, and upgrade during rest. Recovery strategies must be employed throughout each day, week, month, and year.  Recovery is the process by which one returns to a state of balance through regeneration methods after incurring a negative mechanical, neural, metabolic or psychological stress load.

Experience the Difference

Regional Health Sports Performance Institute Powered by EXOS is exploring the unknown and helping people take their game (or themselves) to higher levels of understanding and accomplishment. Think of the exosphere, the highest level of Earth’s atmosphere. It’s quite literally on the forefront of undiscovered space. It represents doing more, reaching higher, and defying average. It means improvement.

Transform How You Perform

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